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At EDC your project will be guided through each stage of the development and construction process by a multi-disciplined team of specialists, who are highly qualified and experienced in Civil, Structural, Fire, Geotechnical and Environmental engineering.

Our skills are appreciated by a wide range of clients including architects, developers, planners, surveyors and building owners.


From initial concepts to detailed design our civils projects include land development advice for a range of project types, including earthworks, stormwater drainage, water supply and environmental performance.



Our team undertake geotechnical assessments and risk mitigation design for a diverse range of geohazards, including erosion, ground strength, liquefaction risk, slope stability, settlement analysis, ground improvement, retaining wall and pile design.



Highly experienced in a diverse range of small to large-scale projects, our track record for engineering excellence includes work on: multi-storey apartment buildings, offices, warehouses, factories, churches, schools, community facilities and residential projects.



Taking a detail-oriented ‘hands-on’ approach, providing fire engineering designs, construction detailing advice, and passive fire protection assessments for new and existing buildings from concept to completion


EDC’s specialists in sustainable design and land contamination marry the need for safe, future friendly sites and development economy. From contaminated land studies, site remediation, energy Efficiency design to sustainable infrastructure.




We have a wealth of experience to offer, whether it be a new garage, multi lot subdivision or multistorey building. Our projects pages showcase this diverse work history input that has assisted in the success for our clients. These projects can be filtered to help you see projects similar to your own and give you the confidence that EDC are the design team for you.


By facilitating effective and sustainable use of natural resources we provide practical and cost-effective solutions to earthworks, roads and drainage .



Our experienced geotechnical engineers play a key role in identifying and controlling abnormal ground related project costs ensuring bringing stability whatever the build.



Highly experienced in small through to large-scale projects, our track record for engineering excellence includes: multi-storey apartment buildings, offices, warehouses, factories, churches, schools, community facilities and residential projects.



Designing buildings to consider life safety and property protection in the event of fire is at the core of EDC’s specialist fire engineering service. 



Our extensive understanding and knowledge of soil contamination, environmental standards and regulatory requirements, forms the basis of our cost-effective, innovative design service resulting in sustainable and safe sites.



Value is achieved when using more the one of EDC’s engineering disciplines, the synergy of this resulting in smoother, faster design process and ultimately a more cost-effective process.


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Do you need a Certificate of Acceptance?

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If you’re curious about a Certificate of Acceptance (CoA) it’s probably because you need one and you’re not too sure how to start the process.

What is a Certificate of Acceptance (CoA)

CoA is a document issued by your local council confirming that they believe, as far as they could ascertain, the specified unconsented building work complies with the Building Code.

It is important to note this certificate has a lower degree of quality assurance than a building consent or Code Compliance Certificate (CCC) would provide.

Prior to 1 July 1992 (when the Building Code came into effect), building work was not required to be inspected and signed-off by the Council. If the building work was completed after 1 July 1992, an application of CoA can be made if:

  • The work has been done without a Building Consent which should have been obtained; or
  • The work has been carried out for saving or protecting life or health, or preventing severe damage to property, when a building consent cannot practically be obtained in advance; or
  • A private accredited building consent authority (not a territorial or regional authority) granted consent but is not able or refuses to issue a CCC.

However, just because a CoA can be issued does not relieve a person from the requirements to obtain building consent on work for which a building consent is required.

If the work is being done under urgency, it is the owner’s reasonability to ensure that the work is done in accordance with the Building Code and supervised by suitably qualified personnel.

You’ll need to get a CoA as soon as practicable after completion of the repair work to avoid breaking the law under Section 42 of Building Act.

How EDC can help you with CoA application

As one of the statement authors registered with Auckland Council, Engineering Design Consultants (EDC) are qualified and competent to provide a structural assessment of any existing unauthorised building work that requires a CoA application.

We can help you not only with the structural assessment of existing unauthorised work, but also provide you with further assistance on the progress of your CoA application, such as attending CoA pre-application meeting, project management and coordination with other disciplines which may be required, such as architects, building surveyors and building service contractors.

We recommend obtaining a copy of the property file held by Council, to assist with the desktop study part of the work, before a site inspection is made.

If you’re feeling stuck and don’t know where to start, get the ball rolling and send us an email today. We have a wealth of knowledge we’d like to share and provide advice and assistance specific to your needs.

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